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ATTENTION: Here's What Every Foreign Real Estate Buyer Needs To Know When Buying your Property in Colombia ...
How To Get The Best Out Of Your Money When Paying Your Property in Colombia (without having to risk your hard earned cash!)
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Worry of making costly mistakes when paying for your property in Colombia?
Thinking that paying a property in Colombia is complicated?

Dont know how to work out the difficults you might face?

What pitfalls should you avoid? Will your money be safe? Will the language barrier pose a problem? 

Learn the right ways  and know what you should be aware of when it come to paying for your real estate in Colombia

You found your dream home in Colombia But...
You are ready to pay to secure the deal, and seller is pushing you to send you money

Many property buyers and investors in their home country don't need to have 100% cash to buy a property. However, Is it possible to foreigners to finance a property in Colombia?

 Is this something you should worry about?

Colombia, unlike other South American economies, has a devalued currency against the dollar. How does this affect me?
"After more than 25 years in the real estate business in Colombia assisting local and foreigners..."
I know what things work, and which don't...

I also know the fear and insecurity that arise when you have to give a big chunk of your savings to a seller when buying real estate in a Foreign Country...

I'm  on a mission to help others just like me!
"My experience paying my real estate investment abroad
And How Trying To Do It All On My Own, Almost Made Me Lose Part Of My Family's Savings."

Florida, Las Vegas, New York. At earlys  2000 many people made a lot of profit in a year or less investing in Real Estate.

In 2004, the value increasing rate in Miami was about 20 to 25 % constant during several years, and even the most respectable and experienced real estate investors, said prices would continue rising.

Many Colombian investors, including me, followed the cheery trend.

Then I started investing and promoting real estate in the US market to Colombian investors and at the same time, I encouraged my friends and family to do so as well.

What happen? In 2006 price stopped going up. In fact, they dropped like a coconut!

I had already paid the down payment of two condos with my brothers, and my dad had bought one as well.

What do you do when you put a big part of your savings in a down payment and the closing dates are stepping you the heels?

Well, if you are lucky enough you can get into an expensive mortgage,  pay maintenance, utilities, taxes, etc, and wait until market recover.

However, if you can’t close the property, you simply lose money.

So, I did all the mistakes a first time overseas  property buyer can make:

. I did not plan in advanced how I would finance the properties

. Even if I could afford to close them, the currency risk at that time was against the numbers

. I did not made the enough research

And many other more... 

To make the story short, I ended up losing all my down payment money, as well as my family did.

I was very embarrassed not only myself but with my Dad, my brothers and my friends .

I felt I had failed also as professional in my business

I realized, that even though I had experience in the real estate business locally, it was very different buying abroad
On the other hand, Buyers of my local developments had relatives abroad, a foreign husband/wife. 
And it was not by chance. Several of them were buying and investing in real estate in Colombia.

I was supporting them all along the buying process, explaining in their language step by step.

So I thought, ¿ Why not promote Colombian real estate market to foreigners and help them to have a very safe, secure and pleasant experience when buying or investing in properties in Colombia?...

Meet Mauricio Jaimes
I’m a generation X guy from Bucaramanga, Colombia. I’m married and I have three beautiful kids, which are the engine of my life.

During my college years living in Bogotá,  I started with my first tries as property investor looking for the right apartment where I would spend my college years.

My first work experience was in a banking firm specializing in home loans. Later on and for 25 years, I have been working in the family business that is now 45 years old.

My father was in the real estate and construction business for more than 50 years, so I had the luck to have a great mentor in the field. 

Being married and with two little babies, in 2000 I went to France to get a Master degree in International Business. 

Being there,  I also know what it feels like to be a foreign person trying to find an apartment for a family, with low french speaking, and having an appendixe removal surgery three days after the arrival!!. ( That's another story )  

Since 2007,  I’ve helped foreigners with their major concern: How to buy and invest safety in Colombia as a foreign investor.

Imagine The Amount of Money And Time You Can Save If You Too Could Avoid All The Costly Mistakes When Buying and Investing in Real Estate in Colombia?

* Turn out the process of paying your real estate in Colombia into free of stress, and no financial concerns experience.

* You won't need to waste a lot of time and hard-earned money finding out how to pay for your real estate in Colombia.

* You won't need to hire a different bunch of experts when it comes to pay your property

* You will be guided through the ways to finance your property,

* You will have the answers to any questions about the best ways to pay your property in Colombia.

At the end you may find saying yourself, "Lucky of me to know all these things in advance!".
This  E-book will Show you how much easier, lighter, happier, and better things will be when Buying real Estate in Colombia.
How to Pay your Real Estate in Colombia Hassle Free without Lossing your Money !
The Unveiled Truth that will Show you everything you need to Know about paying your property in Colombia (Saving you Money and Time!)
What's Included in The Ebook For You...
#1. Starting as an Overseas Property Buyer
  • 3 Rules a potential foreign buyer should know
  • Questions you should ask before moving overseas
  • How to buy wiseley real estate abroad
#2 How To Finance your Property

  • 5 different ways to you can Finance your property
  • ​The smart way to leverage your purchase 
  • ​How can use Taxes in your favor
#3. How Buying a Property in Colombia Works

  • Getting Familiar with Colombia
  • ​Documents needed in the proccess
  • ​How to deal with The Colombian Taxman
#4 How to Deal with The Colombian Banking System
  • To have or not to have a bank account... that's the question
  • ​How to manage your money safely
  • ​How to get the best in Pesos for your US Dollars/Euros 
#5 How will the Exchange Rate Affect My Purchase?
  • Colombian Currency Exchange Factor
  • Why currency exchange matters
  • ​10 Different ways To Dealing with Cash 
#6 What You Must Know about the Colombian Way of Business

  • Mortgage systems in Colombia, how they work
  • ​What's credit in UVR and in Pesos?
  • ​Can foreigners get a mortgage in Colombia ?
  • ​What to bear in mind if you decide to apply for a mortgage loan
And There is More!..., For Getting your How to Pay For Your Property In Colombia Guide  ..., I'm including This exclusive FREE bonuses You can't get anywhere else!
Super Cool Bonus #1  
The Colombia Visa Handbook 
(Worth $79):
This guide gives you 
The complete description of each Visa type required for you to legalize your status as a foreigner in Colombia.
You'll find all the information required to:
* Conduct a business in Colombia
* Invest in Colombia Real Estate
* Work or Study in Colombia
* Make an investment and remain in the country
* Enter the country temporarily to make business or to perform commercial or corporate activities, without signing a labor contract.
*To be hired by a company, organization, or individual, and seeks to enter or remain in the country to work
*Act as a financier or a partner,or owner of a commercial company in Colombia.
Plus some other information I've collected about:
* How to get your visa without leaving the country
* Visas Frequently asked questions
* Tips about procedures and paperwork
Super Cool Bonus #2 
The Colombia Real Estate
 Legal Handbook 
(Worth $47):
5 Key Legal Issues You Need To Know Without Having To Hire A Lawyer
* What you need to make a due dilligence
* Types of Contracts
* Which type of taxes you should be aware of
* Planning to Develop or buid your own home? Know the current regulation.
Super Cool Bonus #4 
The Viewing Trip Handbook
 (Worth $47):
A successful viewing trip is crucial in finding  your perfect property in Colombia!  
This guide is designed to help you get the very best   from your viewing trip, detailing the key steps to  take in the process .
* Why it is so important to a successful real estate investment
* Tips before set off
* Who do you need to meet with
Super Cool Bonus #4 
The Sovereign Man  IRA Report
Learn How you can Use your Retirements funds in your favor!   
* What the bigger Banks doesnt want You To Know
* How to Turn Your IRA into a Profitable Investment
* The best legal and IRS compliance structure to invest offshore with your IRA
* 10 Types of Offshore investments with you IRA

Getting All This Information In One Package....Will Save You Thousands Of Dollars!  When Buying Your First Property In Colombia
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I'm sure you will greatly benefit from having all my experience and knowledge available to you in a whole package for such a modest price,
I'm sure this information will save you money - no doubt about it. Maybe hundreds?... thousands?.

-Mauricio J
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  • ​#2 The Colombia Visa Handbook ($79 Value)
  • ​ #3 The Colombia Real Estate Legal Handbook  ($49 Value)
  • #4 The Viewing Trip Handbook ($49 Value)
  • ​#5 The IRA Report (Priceless)
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